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Storing with Omni unlocks the option to earn money on your things! While items are private by default, you're a only few taps away from making them rentable.
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We catalog all your stored belongings with beautiful photos so you can share and access your favorite things.
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We manage the movement of things to and from our facility and the payments exchanged between renters and owners so you can Live Lighter.
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Standard Item

$0.50 per month

Clothes, shoes, books, handbags, toys, dishes, small appliances, or other items that would fit in your carry-on luggage.


Large Item

$3.00 per month

Bikes, suitcases, surfboards, skis & poles, golf bags, strollers, standing lamps, guitars, tower fans, bar stools, chairs, etc.


Closed Container

$7.50 per month

A container of things you don't want itemized, like a box of files, a bin of holiday decorations, or a packed suitcase.

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living lighter

Within 3 hours of contacting these guys, there were 2 Omni Concierges at our front-door. Unbelievable!


Santa Clara, CA

Massive shoutout to @BeOmni who came through with an air purifier this morning when everyone else failed me. Breathing a tad easier now.


San Francisco, CA

My #appoftheday = @BeOmni! Truly no better way to store your items. Pick-up, digital documentation, retrieval and sharing in one place.


San Francisco, CA

What really makes them stand out is such a high level of dedication to their users. Consistently amazing experience.


San Francisco, CA

I really cannot say enough good things about these guys. Every experience with them has been a delight. Their customer service is great...

Nimrit S.

San Francisco, CA

Living in a city like San Francisco, where apartments are quite small with very little storage – Omni is a MUST HAVE!

Cori C.

San Francisco, CA

On-demand storage so no-brainer. Literally "How did I live w/o this?”


San Francisco, CA

The items were photographed and uploaded into the iphone app the following day.

Alex M.

San Francisco, CA

…an absolutely magical service… It feels like a true extension of my closet…

Anush V.

San Francisco, CA

It is so nice to have extra space in our closets now that they aren't filled with giant suitcases.

Christy L.

San Francisco, CA

In addition to the awesome service, their employees are top notch. Very professional and trustworthy.

Andrew C.

San Francisco, CA

Wow. Wow. Wow... such an amazing convenience.

Jared R.

San Francisco, CA

@BeOmni - your service is outstanding. Life altering. Thank you!


San Francisco, CA