We want you to live lighter.

About Omni

Omni is a new way to own and access the personal belongings you don’t need every day – like a concierge for your stuff.

We seek to help everyone “live lighter” – that is, to live the life they want and have access to all the things they need – no matter the size of the apartment, house, loft, trailer, boat, yert, or teepee they find themselves calling home.

We make this possible by managing your belongings outside of your home in a way that allows you to see and access everything you need, whenever you need it – all through a beautiful app interface. Omni prevents your stuff from engulfing your living space, allowing you to free your closets and corners from all the things you want to keep, but don't use every day. 

We aim to bring everyone more value from what they own. Whether this means being able to lend items to friends with the tap of a button, or simply being able to remember what they have and where to find it, Omni enables people to access whatever they need, whenever they need it.

Currently available in San Francisco and select parts of the Bay Area, expansions to Omni's service areas and product offering can be expected in 2017.

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Tom McLeod, Founder + CEO
Aaron Wiener, Co-founder + COO
Adam Dexter, Co-founder + Chief of Special Projects


Jonathan Azoff
Director, Engineering

Jana Baran
Software Engineer

Scott Delly
Software Engineer

Stuart Ross
Software Engineer

Brandon Schlenker
iOS Engineer

Rich Smith
Front End Engineer

Victoria Solorzano
QA Automation Engineer

Janardan Yri
iOS Engineer


Ryan Delk
VP, Growth + Business Development

Laura Glascott Faustman
VP, Corporate Communications

Madison Beintema
Account Manager

Anika Namkung
PM, Engagement

Ty Olatoye 
Local Growth Lead

Jordan Piha
Local Growth Lead


Bennett Hauser
Director, Business Operations

Harry Blake
Operations Lead

Lauren Galbraith
People Operations Manager

Ryan Galligan
Operations Lead

Anthony Monroe
Operations Lead


Jean-Yves Calope
Warehouse Associate

Nieka Carson

Lucky Heid
Processing Associate

Bo Luttrell Jr.

Jonathan Montes
Warehouse Associate

Jovon Mason
Warehouse Associate

Bali Murase
Processing Associate

Dom Pelesauma

Mikhail Roldan

Luca Shutan

Aaron Tanner

Mathew Wilmot