We want you to live lighter.

About Omni

At Omni, we're fundamentally changing the way people think about ownership. When you keep your things in Omni instead of your closet, they're everywhere you want them to be: Access anything you need – whenever, wherever – with just a few taps, and Omni will deliver. Lend items to others with a text or push notification, rent things from other members of the Omni community, and earn extra money by renting out your unused items, all without ever leaving home.

When you unlock the power of Omni, you to reclaim your space AND keep your stuff. We seek to help everyone “live lighter” – that is, to live the life they want and have access to all the things they need – no matter the size of the apartment, house, loft, trailer, boat, yert, or teepee they find themselves calling home.

Currently available in San Francisco and select parts of the Bay Area, expansions to Omni's service areas and capabilities are coming very, very soon.

The Team

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Jonathan Azoff
Director, Engineering

Jana Baran
Software Engineer

Madison Beintema
Customer Success Manager

Eric Campbell
Lead Designer

Ryan Delk
VP, Growth + Product

Scott Delly
Software Engineer

Austin Diamond
Account Executive

Maddy Ewins
Developer Operations Engineer

Laura Faustman
VP, Corporate Comms + People Ops

Lauren Galbraith
People Operations Manager

Ryan Galligan
Facility Manager

Bennett Hauser
Director, Business Operations

Tom McLeod
Founder + CEO

Anthony Monroe
Operations Manager

Anika Namkung
PM, Engagement

Ty Olatoye
Local Growth Associate

Stuart Ross
Software Engineer

Brandon Schlenker
iOS Engineer

Victoria Solorzano
Product Manager