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What is Omni?

Think of Omni as your personal storage concierge. Omni’s web and iPhone apps let you view, organize and retrieve your things from storage, item by item, without ever visiting a storage facility. We offer convenient pick up and delivery to your door, helping you to manage your belongings so you can live lighter.

What kind of things do people usually store?

Our members use Omni as an extension of their closet and drawer space, to keep themselves organized at home. Items we frequently see include:

  • Bikes
  • Suitcases
  • Sporting equipment (skis, surfboards, etc.)
  • Heavy coats
  • Formal wear
  • Holiday decor
  • Musical instruments
  • Baby gear
  • Tower and box fans
  • Snow tires
  • Standing lamps
  • Sneakers
  • Books
  • Framed art
  • Jewelry
  • Small appliances (stand mixers, crock pots, etc.)
  • Computer accessories
  • Small furnishings (bar stools, rolled rugs, etc.)
  • Golf clubs
  • Pet accessories
  • Camping gear

How does Omni work?

Omni comes to you to pick up the items you want to store and takes them back to a secure facility. The Omni team unpacks, photographs, and catalogs each individual item you’re putting into storage, then uploads the images and information to your Omni account. This enables you to see everything you’ve stored and access everything you need when you need it, directly from the Omni iOS or web apps. Whenever you want one of your items brought back, simply select a delivery time that works for you, and we’ll bring it to your door.

Where is Omni available?

Omni is currently available within San Francisco and select parts of the Bay Area – the map of our service areas is available here. We’re planning to expand far and wide in the near future, so if you're eager to see us in your city, let us know! We're happy to keep you posted.

Is Omni more expensive than “traditional” storage?

In most cases, no! For the typical member storing over 100 items, Omni might come close to same cost as traditional storage, erring on the side of less. Because traditional storage units charge a flat rate for the size of the unit you are using - no matter how full it is - paying for unused space is part of the equation. With Omni, your cost is directly related to how much you’ve stored, not the square footage you’ve rented. In addition to keeping your belongings safe, Omni’s service adds value by enabling you to manage your items from wherever you are, with full transparency into what exactly you’re storing—plus, you’ll never have to make the trip to a storage facility ever again.

How do I get started?

Download the Omni iPhone app from the App Store or create your account at, and follow instructions for scheduling your first pick-up. Before your scheduled pick-up time, simply set aside the items you’d like to store so they’re readily accessible for your Omni Concierge to collect when they arrive - that's it!

How do I add my things to Omni?

Whenever you have items you’d like to store with Omni, simply schedule a pick-up using the Omni web or iOS app:

On web:
Click the red text in the upper righthand corner of your screen that says, “Schedule a Pickup” and follow the steps to get scheduled.

On iOS:
Tap the big red "+" button in the center of the menu at the bottom of the screen and follow the steps to get scheduled.

An Omni Concierge will come collect your items, catalog and store them, and add them to your account. You’ll be notified when they are viewable in the Omni app.

How do I get my things back from Omni?

Whenever you want items brought back to you, simply schedule a delivery using the Omni web or iOS app:

On web:
Move your cursor over the item you would like delivered and click the checkmark in the upper lefthand corner of the item image. Repeat this process until you’ve selected all the items you would like delivered to you. Then click the Check Out button that appears in the bottom righthand corner of your screen and follow the steps to select a time and location for the delivery.

On iOS:
Tap ‘Select’ in the upper righthand corner of your screen, then tap the items you would like delivered back to you. Then tap CHECK OUT and follow the steps to select a time and location for the delivery.


What are your hours of operation?

Omni operates daily from 7:30am–8:30pm.

Does Omni have an Android app?

While we haven’t released our Android app yet, we do have something to offer our non-iOS members—a slick and speedy web app that will work well and look great across all devices. You may access the web app here.

What happens if I move out of Omni’s service area?

If you’re moving, let us know by sending a note with your new address. If you are staying in an area where Omni service is available, you’re done! If you’re moving outside of our service area, we’ll work together to arrange a way to return your items to you. We’ll make it as easy for you as we can.

Can I change the primary address on my account?

Yes! However, in order to prevent Omni from being used as a cheap alternative to hiring movers (among other exploitation of our services and resources), we’ve had to create a few rules:

  • You may change your primary address free of charge after you’ve had item(s) stored with Omni for a minimum of six months.
  • Address changes within the first six months may be subject to a $150 fee at the discretion of Omni’s Member Services team.
  • Multiple changes made to your primary address within a six-month period are each subject to fees.

If you are moving and would like our help, let us know by sending a note to We’d be delighted to work with you and see how we can best accommodate your needs!

Need to change your address with the best of intentions? It happens! Just and fill us in on the situation – we’re a reasonable bunch :)

Do you offer daily or weekly storage?

While the Omni experience is optimized for long-term storage, we do have a separate offering for those only looking to store their items for a few days or weeks.

Short term storage pricing is as follows:
Pick up within our service area: $25
Storage per closed container for any duration of time <30 days: $7.50
Storage per large item for any duration of time <30 days: $3.00
Storage per standard item for any duration of time <30 days: $0.50
Delivery within our service area: $25

To avoid an an additional $150 moving fee, please contact us to alert us of your intended use. Promotional codes and gift cards may not be applied towards the cost of short-term storage.

SFO and Oakland International do not permit us to pick up or deliver items directly from the terminals. If you would like to coordinate an airport appointment, please select a nearby location.

Check-ins & Check-outs

What is a “check-in”?

A check-in is the item or group of items sent to Omni during a pick-up appointment. Each check-in has its own order number, which is both tied to your account and the date it was picked up.

What is a “check-out”?

A check-out is the item or group of items requested for a specific delivery appointment. Each check-out has its own order number that associated with both your account and the date and time it was requested.

What is a “remote check-in”?

A remote check-in is when you ship item(s) directly to Omni’s secure facility to be added to your account. 

What does it cost to send a remote check-in?

There is no additional cost for checking in items remotely, however postage and shipping are the responsibility of the member.

How do I start a remote check-in?

If you are doing the packing/shipping (as opposed to a retailer): 

  • Print this label, affix it to your package with the details completed, and take it to the post office or other drop location for postage – just like sending any other package. Contents can be itemized, or packages can be processed as closed containers per your instructions included on the label. 
  • Send the tracking info to  so we know to expect it. 

If you are having items sent directly from an online retailer, please follow the instructions outlined here. In either case, we’ll process your items on arrival and let you know when they’re visible in your account. 

Since I'm providing a tracking number, does that mean Omni tracks my package for me? 

We are not able to track your packages for you, unfortunately – we ask for tracking information so that we can help the Concierge team anticipate the volume of incoming packages for our members. We are not able to keep an eye on delays or issues with shipping, though we do try to be proactive as we're able. If you're expecting to be notified of a remote check-in added to your account, but there seems to be a delay, please reach out to the support team – we'll investigate!

What is a “remote check-out”?

A remote check-out is when you request stored items to be sent to a destination outside of Omni's service area. We'll send your skis ahead to meet you in Tahoe, or your suit to meet you at the hotel before that wedding. 

What does it cost to have a remote check-out?

Remote check-outs are the cost of shipping materials and postage, plus a 20% service fee ($10.00 minimum).

How do I start a remote check-out?

Three steps - it's easy:

  • Create a check-out using the Omni app, just like you ordinarily would. Then, select the first free delivery time in the scheduler (we’ll take care of adjusting that, no worries).
  • Next, fill out the details in the remote check-out request form and hit submit. This gives us all the info we need to prepare your shipment and know where to send it.
  • Omni Member Services will follow up with you to confirm the details of your request and provide an estimated cost. That’s it!

How long does it take for me to receive my items if I have requested a remote check-out?

Unless you have indicated that your request is extremely urgent, you items will be processed and sent in about 24 hours.

Pick-ups & Deliveries

How do I schedule a pick-up?

You can schedule a pickup in the Omni app or here on our website. We’ll come collect your items, catalog and store them, and add them to your account. Pick-ups (as well as deliveries) can be scheduled seven days a week, 7:30am–8:30pm. Available times are shown during the scheduling process.

How long does a pick-up appointment take?

Pickup windows are for 15 minutes at each location, and the time it takes is largely dependent on the volume of items you plan to hand over to the Omni Concierge. Having your items packed and ready to go expedites things significantly, so often times we can be in and out in just a few minutes. If you're worried that you might have more than can be picked up in a 15-minute window, don't be – if it looks like we'll need more time, we'll call for backup. We can handle it!

How do I prepare my things for a pick-up?

Preparing for a pick-up is easy: just have all your items set aside near the door where the Concierge will arrive, and more or less packed. Since we only have a 15-minute window to get all of your things loaded up, we ask that you do your rummaging and decision making before your pickup time.

Do I need to have my items picked up to store them with Omni, or can I bring them to the warehouse on my own?

For security and insurance reasons, we do not allow public access to our storage facility for dropping off or picking up any items— you must have your items picked up by an Omni Concierge in order to have them stored with Omni.

Will you meet me at my storage unit for a pick-up?

We sure will! Schedule your pick-up in the app, and then contact our support team using the in-app chat feature to let us know we'll be meeting you at a storage unit. We'll just need a few details to ensure we send the correct vehicle and any extra help we might need to help you move out in a timely manner.

How do I schedule a delivery?

Deliveries can be scheduled seven days a week, 7:30am–8:30pm, using the Omni app. Select the items you would like delivered by creating a check-out, and then select a day and time for delivery.

Can I have a pick-up or delivery take place at a location other than my home?

Yes! You will see the option to edit your appointment address in the scheduling flow.

I need to cancel a pick-up/delivery – what now?

You may cancel or reschedule an appointment from the Omni web or iOS app from the Activity section (indicated with a bell icon).

Please note that to be fair to our other members looking to get on the day’s schedule (and our fleet of drivers who brave the city traffic), cancellations made less than two hours before the scheduled time are subject to a $25 late cancellation fee. Rush pick-ups/deliveries scheduled with less than 2 hours notice will be subject to a $25 fee if cancelled after the Omni Concierge has hit the road.

What if, at the scheduled time of my pick-up/delivery, I am not at the specified location?

If you (or a proxy) are not able to be present to complete the pick-up or receive your delivery within the 15-minute appointment window, or if an Omni Concierge is unable to get in touch with you at least five minutes after his or her arrival, a $25 “no show” fee may be added to your account. If there are extenuating circumstances that have come up or interfered with your ability to meet your Concierge, let us know – we’re more than willing to hear you out!

When a Concierge delivers something to me, can I take that opportunity to give him/her more items that I want to store?

Yes, please do! Whenever an Omni Concierge comes by, you are always welcome to give them items for storage – no need to schedule a whole new appointment for a pick-up. Your Concierge will be able to take care of everything for you on the spot. 

Transferring Items

How does transferring items work?

Sharing items with friends is easy with the "transfer" feature in the Omni app – follow these steps:

  • Select an item you’d like to share with a friend. On that item’s details screen, tap “transfer.” If you want to share multiple items, tap “Add Items” and select as many others as you’d like.
  • When all of your items have been selected, tap “Select a friend.” Omni will ask permission to access your contacts, which is necessary for you to select the person who will receive your items. Search and/or select the contact’s name. If the person is not saved in your contacts, you can simply type their phone number into the field.
  • On the next screen, review the details, and write a note to the recipient if you like. Tap confirm, and you’re done! Your friend will receive a text message notifying them that you’ve transferred an item to them from Omni.
  • Your friend (the recipient) can access the items you’ve transferred via the Omni web or mobile apps and claim them or schedule them to be delivered at their convenience. Transfers are permanent transfers of ownership so upon claiming items into their account, recipients are responsible for all associated storage costs.

Can I transfer items through Omni’s website?

Why yes, you can!

Who can I transfer items to?

You can transfer items to anyone, as long as you have their mobile phone number. Omni’s app will ask to access your phone’s contacts so that you can select the person to whom you’re tranferring your items. If that person’s number isn’t saved in your phone, you can type it in during that same step.

Can I transfer items to someone who doesn’t live in Omni’s service area (San Francisco and select parts of the Bay Area)?

Yes! There are a few ways we can get your items to your out-of-area friends, including a remote check-out. To coordinate these types of deliveries, the recipient will need to reach out to Member Services with details, and we can make arrangements from there – it’s a very easy process.

Can I tranfer items to someone who doesn’t have an Omni account?

You sure can – When you transfer items to folks who aren’t yet using Omni, the text notification they receive will give them instructions for quickly signing up and scheduling a delivery.

Who pays for the delivery of transferred items?

While there are always free delivery times available (pro tip: book a few days in advance!), once an item has been accepted by the recipient, the item is deposited (literally transferred) to their Omni account for delivery – this means that any delivery costs are the responsibility of the recipient.

How do I make sure my transferred items get back into Omni if I want them?

While a more robust notification system is in the works, it should be noted that reminding/imploring/begging a recipient to return a transferred item of yours to Omni is the responsibility of the item’s owner – so, we encourage our members to transfer items at their discretion. If you know your buddy’s apartment is a black hole from which things are ne’er to return, we encourage you to think twice about transferring things to him (though, we’re sure we wouldn’t be the only ones).

What happens if my items are lost/damaged by someone to whom I've transferred them?

While your items are fully protected with Omni Shield while stored and transported by Omni, we unfortunately can’t be responsible for the fate of items when they are not in our possession. This means replacement, compensation, or other resolution for lost or damaged items is between you and the person you've transferred them to.

How am I billed for items that I've transferred out of my account?

You are only charged for items that are in Omni's care at some point during a given billing cycle. If you've transferred an item to someone and they keep it for an entire billing cycle, we treat it just as if it's something you've checked out yourself – it wasn't in Omni's possession, so you are not billed for it. 

I want an Omni member to transfer an item to me - how do I do that?

At the moment, all item transfers in Omni’s app needs to be initiated by the owner of the item – so for now, if you fancy borrowing someone’s purple tutu / bike / copy of Game of Thrones, we recommend letting them know via a text or email. Or maybe a singing telegram. (In the not too distant future, members will be able to use the app to request any items they’d like to have transferred to them.)

Someone transferred an item to me, but I don’t want it... How do I give it back?

Easy! If you don’t want something that was transferred to you, simply tap into the item and select “return item.” That’s all.

I’m done with an item that was transferred to me. How do I give it back?

Simply schedule a pick-up in the Omni app – we’ll come collect it (as well as any other items you’d like to have stored) whenever it’s convenient for you – and let your Concierge know that you’re returning a transferred item. We’ll notify the owner once it’s been checked back into their account.

What happens if I lose/damage an item that was transferred to me?

Things happen! The best course of action is to reach out to the owner directly to let them know. While all items are fully protected with Omni Shield while they are being stored and transported by Omni, we unfortunately can’t be responsible for the fate of items when they are not in our possession. This means replacement, compensation, or other resolution for lost or damaged items is between you and the item’s owner.

What is Omni’s liability if an item is lost or damaged while in the hands of someone to whom I’ve transferred it?

While your items are fully protected with Omni Shield while stored and transported by Omni, we unfortunately can’t be responsible for the fate of items when they are not in our possession. We are not liable for any damage or loss that your items may suffer when they are in the possession of someone to whom they’ve been transferred.

How long can I keep a transferred item?

We’ll soon give the ability for transfer-ers to set return dates in the app, but for now, there is no timeframe for which Omni requires a transferred item to be returned. The best thing to do would be to ask the owner. Pro tip: Schedule the pick-up of the transferred item when the Concierge arrives to deliver it, so you don’t forget.

Viewing Items In The Omni App

How do I view my items in the Omni app?

You’ll receive a notification when your items have been checked in and are viewable in your Omni account. To see them, simply log into your account using the Omni web or iOS app. You’ll be taken directly to your home screen, where your items will be displayed on a single scrolling page. Simply tap on each item for a larger and more detailed view.

How do I sort through my items?

Both our web and iOS apps offer the ability to filter items by category and also sort them alphabetically, and by check-in date or category. Use the filters in the top navigation bars on either web or iOS to access these filtering and sorting features.

How do I “favorite” an item?

In the Omni app, tap the item you would like to favorite, and then tap the heart on the middle left side so that it becomes red. Items with red hearts are favorites. To unfavorite, simply tap the heart again.

How do I change the name or category of an item?

From your home view on web or iOS select the item you would like to edit. In the item detail view tap the Edit button. In edit mode you’ll see the option to rename or recategorize that item. Then make sure to save your edits!


How much does Omni cost?

Omni’s cost-per-item model makes it flexible, easy and affordable for you to use. Standard items are each $0.50 per month, and large items are each $3.00 per month. Learn more about standard vs. large items here.

If you have personal/private items or groups of items (like holiday ornaments) you want to store with us, but don’t want them to be separated or itemized, you can pack them in a closed container and label them "closed"– we’ll leave them sealed and as-is. Closed containers are each $7.50 per month. Learn more about closed containers here.

How much does it cost to have you pick up or deliver my items?

For pick-ups:

  • Next-day service (or later): FREE
  • Same-day pick-up: FREE
  • Less than three hours notice: $9.99
  • Less than two hours notice: $19.99

For deliveries:

  • Scheduled 2 days in advance: FREE
  • Next-day service: $2.99 
  • Same-day service: $4.99
  • Less than three hours notice: $9.99
  • Less than two hours notice: $19.99

Fees To Know About

Please make note of the following fees that may be incurred in the following circumstances/areas of our business:

  • Late cancellations and no-shows
  • Shipping and delivery outside of Omni's service area
  • Using Omni in place of a moving service
  • Reassembling unpacked closed containers
  • Return/disposal of Prohibited Items
  • Late payment

Late Cancellations and No-shows

Late Cancellation: $25. Cancellations made less than two hours before the scheduled time are subject to a $25 fee.

No-shows: $25. If you (or a proxy) are not able to be present to complete the delivery within the 15-minute appointment window, or if an Omni Concierge is unable to get in touch with you at least five minutes after his or her arrival, a $25 “no show” fee may be applied to your account. If there are extenuating circumstances that have come up or interfered with your ability to meet your Concierge, let us know – we're more than willing to hear you out!

Shipping and delivery outside of Omni’s service area

If you’d like Omni to deliver or ship items to a location outside of the Omni service area (San Francisco and select parts of the Bay Area), please be advised of the following fees:

  • Delivery to an address outside of Omni’s service area (non-shipping): $150 minimum. Please inquire with member services to obtain a quote for the exact location.
  • Shipping items (outside of service area only): $10 minimum, plus the cost of packing materials and shipping/handling, plus 20% service charge.

Using Omni in place of a moving service

Moving happens! While we’re perfect for (and happy to be!) the repository for your things while you get settled over the course of a few months, Omni is not a moving service. Checking in a large volume of items and then checking them all out within a few days is taxing on our resources and our hard-working team on the ground (not to mention it slows things for the rest of our members). If it is determined that you have misused Omni’s services as a hack around hiring a moving company, you will be charged a $150 fee at the time of delivery.

Should you have a situation that might toe the line here, we encourage you to get in touch and ask about it – We want to be helpful, and will let you know if we’re the right solution for you! If we’re not, we can offer some good recommendations.

Reassembling unpacked closed containers

Want us to unpack a closed container and catalog the contents for you? No problem! Just note: If you change your mind and want those items reassembled and put back into a closed container, there is a re-packing fee of $10 per container, for up to 30 items each. Each item thereafter carries a fee of $1.99.

Return/disposal of prohibited items

Innocuous prohibited item return: $25. On occasion, prohibited items make their way into the Omni warehouse (almost always by accident) – most of these are innocuous, a.k.a. not a big deal – shampoo, lotion, a random granola bar, etc. We'll notify you if there is something among the items we've picked up that we cannot store, and will arrange to either toss it or have it returned to you. If you request that we return the prohibited item, a $25 return fee will be applied.

For prohibited items that pose a danger to our facility or our staff (combustibles, explosives, poisonous, etc) you will be responsible for the costs necessary for the safe return or disposal of the items:

  • Dangerous Prohibited Item Return : Cost of courier return +50%, $50 min
  • Dangerous Prohibited Item Disposal: Cost of safe disposal +50%, $50 min
Late payments

In the event a due payment is late for any reason, your account will be subject to a $25 late fee. Should your credit card be declined, you will be notified via email and have 48 hours to update your payment information. Should no valid payment method be provided within the 48-hour period, the $25 late fee will be added to your outstanding balance.


How does billing work?

You are billed monthly for the items you have in storage:

Your monthly total is inclusive of all items in Omni’s care at any point throughout your billing cycle. This includes items that may have been checked out of Omni and delivered back to you during the month. If you check items out, then check the same items back in within the same billing period, you are not charged twice – we refer to this as a “re-check.”

Any additional one-time fees, such as those for deliveries, no-shows, or late cancellations, will be charged to the credit card on file at the time the fee is incurred.

Should you empty your Omni account of all items before the end of a billing cycle, you will be charged for that month's storage at the time your final item(s) are delivered.

When does my billing cycle start?

Your first billing cycle begins on the date your first check in is stored in Omni. Billing cycles are 30 days.

What forms of payment does Omni accept?

We currently accept all major credit cards – Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

Do I have to give you my credit card info to sign up?

A credit card is required to complete the signup process, but no charges are incurred until items are stored.

All About Items

What sort of requirements do you have for the items stored with Omni?

You can store just about anything with Omni, as long as:

  • A single able-bodied person can safely carry it
  • It’s not one of the things on our list of prohibited items, such as liquids, perishables, firearms, etc.

If you’ve got something you’d like to store and you’re not sure if we’re able to take it, just let us know! We’re happy to have a look and give you some guidance. You can either email us, use the chat bubble on the bottom right of your screen, or ask your Omni Concierge during your scheduled pick up.

What is considered a “large” item? What is considered a “standard” item?

The simplest way to determine if an item is large vs. standard is to think about carry-on luggage at the airport: If the item would fit into your carry-on luggage, it’s a standard item. If you’d have to check it with your bags, it’s probably a large item. If you’re not sure, no problem – your Omni Concierge will help you figure it out when they arrive.

Examples of standard items: Clothes, shoes, books, small appliances, cameras, handbags, toys, dishes, knickknacks, coats, etc.

Examples of large items: Bikes, suitcases, skis, surfboards, golf bags, car seats, strollers, guitars, tower fans, standing lamps, bar stools, etc.

What qualifies a single “item”?

Omni’s definition of an item is “anything that is recorded as a single entity, having it’s own individual record in an Omni member’s account.”

In more simple terms, an item may have multiple pieces but must be purchased as a set and/or manufactured by the same brand to be used together. A board game is a single item but your camping gear (tent, sleeping bag, stove, etc.) is not.

Not sure how your item would be categorized? Contact us or consult with your Concierge onsite during your pick-up—they will have the final say in how your items will be categorized!

What about pairs of things – is a pair of shoes considered one item, or two?

Items that are inherently part of a pair or a set—such as shoes, suits, gloves, a chair with a cushion—are always counted as a single item.

What is a “closed container”?

If you have personal/private items (like a box of files) or groups of small items (like holiday ornaments) that you’d like to store, but don’t want them to be separated or itemized, you can pack them in a sealed container and label it "closed" or "do not itemize” and let your Concierge know upon pick up.

Please be advised:

  • Closed containers must have an adequate seal or closure in order to be accepted and stored (i.e. boxes taped shut, duffel bag with a zipper, bin with a tight-fitting lid, etc.)
  • Plastic trash bags are not acceptable as closed containers. Items received in plastic trash bags will be itemized.
  • Closed containers may be opened at the discretion of the Omni Concierge team, should they be suspected to contain prohibited items (such as food, liquids or aerosols). Should such items be discovered in a closed container, the return or disposal of these items is subject to a fee.

I want to store a suitcase. If I pack the suitcase, will I be charged for the items inside of it?

You will be charged $7.50 for any container that you do not want itemized, including suitcases (please see details about closed containers above). If you pack the suitcase and do not label it as a closed container, the items inside will be cataloged and subject to the $0.50 cost per item. The suitcase itself will then be cataloged as its own item as well.

Will you unpack and catalog the items in a closed container if I decide I want to see each of those items in the app? 

Yes! We’re happy to open and catalog the contents of a closed container. However, please be aware that this means each of the items inside the container as well as the container itself are then subject to our per-item pricing, commensurate with each item’s size: $0.50 for each standard item, and $3.00 for each large item. Effective that same billing period, the cost of the closed container will be replaced by the cost of those individual items.

Have a closed container you’d like to have itemized? Reach out to support and we’ll it get started for you!

If I have a closed container cataloged/itemized, but then change my mind and want those items put back into the closed container, can you do that?

We can – however, each container being reassembled is subject to a $10.00 re-packing fee, up to 30 items. Each item thereafter carries a charge of $1.99. 

Are there items you don't accept?

Any item that is too heavy for a single able-bodied person to carry up/down stairs is unfortunately not accepted (yet). Most furniture falls into this category – we can certainly take your bar stools; but your couch, bed, and unwieldy Burning Man sculptures we unfortunately cannot.

Please also review the list of items we are prohibited from accepting: this list includes things like liquids, aerosols, living flora/fauna, food or other perishables, pungent/smelly/stinky things, flammable or explosive materials, illegal substances, etc.

Have questions about an item? No worries, contact us.   

Can I store my valuables?

Yes. Storing valuables with Omni is totally up to you. Generally, it’s advised by most insurance companies that items of extremely high value be kept in a safety deposit box – however, Omni is willing, able, and well-equipped to keep your items safe in storage. To help with the decision, we encourage you to read through the details of our item coverage program, Omni Shield, to make sure you’re satisfied with what we’re able to provide should anything happen.

Do you take furniture?

For the time being, we only accept items that can be safely carried by a single able-bodied person. When it comes to furniture, we’re happy to take things like bar stools, folding chairs, and floor lamps; but your mattress, couch, and dining room table are going to have to stay behind. If you think something might be on the borderline or aren’t sure, feel free to ask your Concierge upon their arrival.

Prohibited Items

What kinds of things are prohibited from storage with Omni?

For the safety, health and well-being of our staff, facilities, and everyone’s stored belongings (and for the sanity of our lawyers), we are prohibited from storing certain types of items. A good gut check is: If you're not allowed to bring it on an airplane, or if it’s considered illegal by local or federal law, we likely can't accept it. Prohibited items include:

  • Food or other perishables
  • Living flora and/or fauna
  • Particularly fragrant/pungent items, including items that have had extensive exposure to cigarette smoke
  • Flammables
  • Explosives (duh)
  • Firearms and/or Ammunition
  • Compressed gases
  • Poisonous materials
  • Biohazard materials
  • Medical waste
  • Hazmat items
  • Regulated prescription drugs
  • Illegal materials/substances
  • Liquids, gels or aerosols – including wine and alcohol
  • Any items requiring regulated temperature control

Sorry to get all TSA on you.

Keep in mind, closed containers are subject to these restrictions. If, during a pick up, a closed or sealed container is suspected to contain prohibited items, it will be refused at the point of pick up. Once under our management, closed containers may be opened at the discretion of the Omni Concierge team. Should prohibited items be discovered in a closed container, the return or disposal of these items is subject to a fee. If you have any questions about this policy or would like to ask about specific items, please feel free to contact us.

What does Omni do with prohibited items?

Prohibited items discovered amongst the things sent to be stored with Omni are set aside in our warehouse and handled appropriately by Omni Member Services. In the majority of cases, we’ll notify members via email that we’re unable to store a specific item(s), and work with the member to either return the items or dispose of them accordingly (if you accidentally send us a half-empty bottle of shampoo, we’ll toss it for you if you don’t want it back).

Items that create serious safety concerns – like that small propane tank you bring camping – cannot be transported back to you, and costs associated with their safe handling/disposal may be posted to your account.

Prohibited items with legal ramifications are reported to the appropriate authorities.

Does Omni allow storage of knives and other sharp pointy things?

Generally, yes – we’re happy to store your extra chef’s knives, hunting knife collection, SamuraI swords, Ren Faire reproduction weapons – BUT, we do have some explicit conditions and important rules for the safety of our team.

  • All blades and sharps must be set aside and packed separately.
  • You must notify your Omni Concierge of the sharp objects and where they are amongst your items.
  • All blades and pointy bits must be securely covered, in an appropriate case, or otherwise protected from accidental contact. NEVER put loose sharp objects in a box or bag.

If I accidentally send a prohibited item to Omni, am I penalized?

Mistakes happen! Short of accidentally trying to store something illegal/explosive/flammable, there are no penalizations for sending in a prohibited item by mistake.


How should I pack?

Pack your things the same way you would if you were moving locally, ensuring that you:

  • Keep containers light enough for a single person to move (under 45 lbs);
  • Ensure fragile items are adequately protected with packing materials and in containers sturdy enough to withstand being handled and moved - be sure to point out fragile containers to your Omni Concierge!

Bear in mind that unless you are packing a closed container that will not be cataloged, items will be unpacked during the inventory process soon after they arrive at Omni’s facility. If you would prefer an item not be unpacked, simply discuss with your Concierge at the time of the pick-up.

Do I need to have everything packed before an Omni Concierge picks up my things?

We ask that you do your best to have everything set aside and more or less packed by the time your Omni Concierge arrives. Bear in mind that the window of time allocated to each pick-up is 15 minutes, so as long as we can feasibly help you finish packing and safely load everything in that timeframe, that’s good enough for us.

Do you store my things in the boxes/bags/bins I check in to Omni?

Unless you have specified a closed container, your things are not necessarily stored in the containers you packed for pick-up by the Omni Concierge. Because items are unpacked for the inventory process, most items are then re-packed and stored in a manner that both maximizes the use of Omni’s warehouse space (which is ultimately what makes our service so affordable to you!) and best protects the item.

What do you do with my empty boxes and bins?

Cardboard boxes are recycled. If you have a reusable bin or other non-disposable container, we will arrange a plan with you at the time of pick-up to either to have the container recycled, stored as an item in your account, or returned to you.

Omni’s Storage Facility

How secure is the facility where my things are kept?

Omni’s storage facility has 24/7 video monitoring and tightly controlled secure access. It is not available to the public and is intentionally unmarked - The only individuals with access are employees of Omni whose specific responsibilities fall within the warehouse itself. There are ample cameras, alarms, and identification systems in place to ensure we know who comes and goes.

Who has access to the facility?

The only individuals with access to the area where items are processed and stored are employees of Omni whose responsibilities include item transport, inventory, and management. The adjacent areas are accessible only to Omni employees.

Can I come to the storage facility to drop off or pick up my things?

Sorry, Charlie. For security and insurance reasons, we don’t allow public access to our facility for dropping off or picking up any items. You must have your items picked up or delivered by an Omni Concierge.

Are Omni's storage facilities climate controlled?

Yes, however the temperature does fluctuate a bit with the seasonal climate (a bit warmer in the summer/fall, a bit chillier in the winter/spring). If your items require specific temperature control, please contact us - we'll let you know if we're able to meet your needs!

Where are Omni’s storage facilities located?

We’re in the South of Market neighborhood of San Francisco.

Item Coverage/protection

Does any kind of coverage or insurance come with storing my items through Omni?

All Omni members are automatically covered by Omni Shield, our top-notch item protection program, free of charge. Omni Shield provides coverage for damages or loss up to $2,000 per item. Additional coverage is available on a per item basis for purchase if desired. Please read the terms of the Omni Shield Limited Guarantee for more information.

What if I need more than the default coverage?

We can help! Please send a note to to let us know you’re interested in additional Omni Shield coverage, and let us know for which items you would like the coverage. We’ll get you all the information you need.

What is Omni Shield?

Omni Shield is our top-notch item protection program, provided to all Omni members automatically and free of charge. Please read the terms of the Omni Shield Limited Guarantee for more information.

What happens if I get something back that is broken?

If you get something back that is broken or otherwise not in the condition in which it was checked in, please let us know immediately by sending an email to or activating a live chat session anywhere on our site. Let us know through one of those channels if you’d prefer to chat by phone, and and we’ll call you as soon as we’re able (usually right away).

What happens if an item is missing from my account / a delivery?

It’s extremely unlikely that we’ll lose, forget, or misplace an item – but, never say never. To ensure that the chances of recovering a missing item remain very good, we request that you review your account as soon as newly stored items are visible, and that you take stock of any deliveries as soon as you receive them. The chances of recovering missing item(s) are best within 24 hours of their scheduled arrival to / departure from our facility.

If an item is missing from your account – as in, you don’t see it listed on the My Items screen after we have finished processing your check in, or an item is missing from a delivery you received – let us know right away. We’re on it. All of us.

You can email us at, or activate a live chat session anywhere on our site. Let us know through one of those channels if you’d prefer to chat by phone, and we’ll call you as soon as we’re able (usually right away).

The Omni Referral Program

What is the Omni Referral Program?

Our referral program is one of the ways we like to thank our customers for being Omni supporters. When you sign up for Omni, we send you your own personal referral code to share with others who are interested in using Omni. Friends and family use your code to get up to 50 items stored free their first month when they sign up for Omni ($25 total value), which is applied when their first check-in is stored with Omni.

Each time someone who has used your code becomes an Omni member and completes their first check in, you are credited up to 20 items free ($10 total value).

How do I get my personal referral code?

Your referral code is available in your account details in the Omni app. Additionally, when you first create your Omni account - even before you store anything - you receive a welcome email that includes your personal referral code. Can’t find it? We can help - just email us.

I referred someone, but the $10 credit hasn't been applied to my account. What's the deal?

Thanks so much for referring someone! You're the best! Chances are, if you're not seeing the credit, it's because the person you referred has not stored anything with Omni yet. The credit isn't applied until their first check-in has been stored. You should tell them to get a move on!

If you're certain they applied the code and have done their first check in, but you still aren't seeing your credit, give us a shout - we're happy to help!

How do I use my account credit?

All referral credit will be automatically applied to your bill and reflected in your monthly statement– you don't have to do anything to use your credit.

Please note: While the $25 credit applied to your account when you sign up with a friend’s referral code can only be used for the initial month of storage, all other account credit you earn by referring your own friends rolls over.

Omni For Business

My business would really benefit from using Omni. Do you service businesses or have pricing for business clients?

Yes and yes! Omni For Business offers fully customized pricing, service and payment structures to suit the unique needs of your operation. Let us know how we can help by emailing us at

What are the rates for business customers?

Omni will structure costs based on the unique needs of your business. A dedicated account manager will work with you to create a flexible plan for both storage and transit, commensurate with your anticipated usage of Omni’s services. Learn more here.

Can I store office furniture?

We can take your office chairs for sure - bear in mind we cannot store any items too heavy or large for one person to safely carry. This means we can take your light-weight furnishings, but we cannot accept things like desks and sofas.

Are there limitations to what business accounts can store?

All of Omni’s guidelines and restrictions apply for business accounts – take a peek here. 

My company is located outside of Omni’s service area. Can I still use Omni?

While we currently only offer pick up and deliveries within San Francisco and select parts of the Bay Area, it is possible to use Omni’s remote check-in and remote check-out features to manage the items you’d like to store. Reach out to us and let us know your location – we’re happy to see if we can make it work for you!

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